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Our Supporters

We are hugely grateful to the many people and organisations, without whose support, the Surrey Palestine Film Festival would have remained only a dream.

Special thanks to the team at the Bristol Palestine Film Festival, who have shown us the way, guided us along the path and inspired us with their generosity and courage. Thank you!


Huge thanks to the Jafa Foundation, whose generous donation has breathed life into this festival, ensured its viability this year and given us the foundation of support from which we can spread our wings further and wider next year. Thank you!


Thank you to the generous donations, many anonymously given, to our Just Giving campaign, with fundraising that has exceeded all our expectations. Thank you!


Thank you to Dr. Bashir Makhoul, Nigel Ward, Stephen Featherstone and Leo Burtin from the University for the Creative Arts, who encouraged us, supported our endeavours and whose wonderful students have joined our team as volunteers and showcased their incredible talent and generosity of spirit. Thank you!

Thank you to Julio Molina from the University of Winchester, whose support and enthusiasm spread to the student body, adding two more incredible student volunteers to our team. Thank you!


Thank you to Maya Sanbar [@mayasanbar], film maker, artist, and advocate of all things creative, for your introductions, door opening and the general magic of your can do attitude to life. Thank you!


Thank you to the West Surrey PSC for spreading the word, handing out leaflets and encouraging us to pursue our vision. Thank you!


Thank you to the team at the Pal Art Collective, who inspire us with their dedication to Art in its widest sense as an instrument of radical engagement and peace. Thank you for introducing us to Yomn al Kaisi, spoken word artist, Saeid Silbak, musical maestro and Rihab Azar, who will grace our festival with her mastery of the Oud. Thank you!

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